Fukuya: a place where happiness gathers like a family

Welcome to “Kushiyaki Fukuya” – a place where happiness gathers like a family! Celebrating our tenth anniversary in the hospitality industry, we stand proud as a testament to the power of warm, considerate service and delicious food.

The name “Kushiyaki Fukuya” symbolizes our desire to be a space where happiness and good fortune come together. Our company, “Kanefuku Shoten” is named after the owner, Mr. Kaneko, and the word “fuku,” meaning luck, which he received from a company he trained at.

We take pride in our exceptional customer service, a defining characteristic of our individualistic restaurant. It’s the small gestures of care and thoughtfulness that set us apart – offering water to a customer taking medicine, bidding farewell to a customer going for a smoke and welcoming them back, and seeing every customer out personally. We have a manual and conduct thorough training to ensure everyone on our team embodies this spirit of hospitality.

Our journey into the world of dining began quite light-heartedly when we heard about a restaurant struggling with a staff shortage. Today, we relish the direct impact our service has on our business, and the joy of interacting with people brings us immense satisfaction.

Our signature menu item is the “Grilled Premium Liver on a Ceramic Plate” – a delicious dish featuring fresh liver cooked right at your table. Experience the taste at its best, right after it’s cooked.

We welcome families with children, a unique aspect of our restaurant often overlooked in the industry. We offer free access to Super Ball lottery or Gachapon for every child, making us an ideal spot for families.

Our dedication to quality is also reflected in our offerings. We source incredibly fresh pork offal, resulting in delicious dishes like skewered pork offal and raw pork offal. To top it off, we feature a daily special menu item available for just 10 yen!

Aside from running our restaurant, we’re also deeply invested in local revitalization projects. We’re proud to be part of a vibrant shopping district that’s united in its efforts to bring life to our community, even in challenging times.

Whether you’re a family with children, a couple on a date, or just someone looking for a quick drink, we’re here for you. Come by and experience our hospitality – we’re waiting for you with a smile!

Kushiyaki Fukuya